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Jakob Jens Madsen

-Professional Chocolatier-


Jakob Jens Madsen


Jakob Jens Madsen, a 24-year-old chocolate maker from Napa Valley, California, has been making chocolate for 13 years, and ever since he was young, he had a fascination with candy making. He would ask his dad about the creation of different confections and how he could make them. So Jakob's dad showed him how candies and chocolates are crafted, and it stuck. Chocolate making was a hobby from then on for Jakob, mainly because he is pursuing a bachelor of science degree in finance and marketing. He would even make chocolates in his dorm room and share his chocolates with his friends. But then, in 2020, COVID put his plans, internships, schooling, and life on hold. So, Jakob put the apron back on and headed back into the test kitchen to have fun with his chocolate-making hobby until COVID was over. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, prompting Jakob to realize that this could be not only a hobby but a career for him, so he created Jakob chocolates. Jakob enjoys every minute in the kitchen, whether it be crafting new chocolates or chocolates he has been making for years.



Jakob's Selection


An array of rich, deep, and bold chocolates for everyone to enjoy. Everyone has a sweet tooth, and with this premium collection, there are confections for everyone to enjoy. From Rose Essence to a Classic Milk Chocolate Truffle, no flavor profile is without recognition.

“Perfection does not come from luck; it comes from determination and hard work.” 

- Jakob Jens Madsen -


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Perfection, I am told, is impossible to achieve, but I strive every day to make everything perfect when it comes to chocolate. No recipe is ever complete or design ever done until the chocolate is perfect.

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