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-Handcrafted In Napa Valley, California-


Cocktail Hour

An array of popular cocktails in an elegant chocolate form.

Margarita Truffle_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Mimosa Truffle_edited_edited.jpg

Margarita Truffle

Made with Premium 100% Agave Tequila, Cointreau, and freshly squeezed Lime Juice.

Mimosa Truffle

Made with a Napa Valley Sparkling Wine with fresh Orange Essence.

Old Fashioned Truffle_edited.jpg

Old Fashioned Truffle

Made with Kentucky Bourbon, Bitters, and all natural Orange Oil.

Mojito Truffle_edited.jpg

Mojito Truffle

Made with White Rum, fresh Mint Leaves, and freshly squeezed Limes.

Manhattan Truffle_edited.jpg

Manhattan Truffle

Made with Rye Whiskey, Red Vermouth, Bitters, and a Maraschino Cherry garnish.

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