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Chocolate Making As An Art Form

When I started making chocolate years ago, I saw it as very formulaic. My dad, who taught me how to make chocolate, would tell me that chocolate making is basically "cooking, and all you have to do is make and follow your recipe to make a successful dessert."

As time went on and I had my recipe book completed, I felt something was missing. I knew it was not the taste because the flavor was excellent. As time went on, I researched and thought about my predicament, and I realized that you could taste the appearance of food. I'm not kidding, think back to an expensive dinner you have eaten; it tastes good because of the recipe the chef uses and the gorgeous plating/design. So I built this concept into my chocolate designs.

So, when COVID started, I began experimenting with each chocolate and crafting each piece into a small work of art. And when I did this, I could taste the design. Each chocolate now became more and more special to eat because it looked beautiful not only in looks but also in flavor. Putting in the extra time and effort to make something that tastes amazing into something that looks amazing is worth the extra step.

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Onbekend lid
18 jan. 2021

So glad to read about this. This is what made me happy to just admire the box of chocolates you created. I was happy just looking at each chocolate and felt each one was a unique jewel! One chocolate per night is my limit, but sometimes I have a second piece. Thank you for being so diligent!

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