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Chocolate Wine Pairing

Being from Napa, I grew up hearing about the wine and how well it pairs with chocolate and or cheese. Wine pairing was always very vague and confusing because I know that there are many types of wines, so which ones are to pair well with chocolates?

It took years to make chocolates and develop flavor profiles to realize the different tones chocolate can take on. So, when I turned 21, I tried several wines to see what would go best with my chocolates. And these are the two wines I believe go well with chocolate.

(Red) Port

Port is my favorite wine and chocolate combo for an after-dinner party because the cherry, cinnamon, vanilla, and deep fruity flavor of the port blend well with the dark chocolates in my Core Collections Assortment. Port is always my go-to because I enjoy sweet things, and with a deep red port, the flavor of the chocolate shines through. The best port I have had with my chocolate is Prager Winery's Royal Escort Port₁.

Sparkling Wine

Yes, I know that it sounds strange, but I have found that sparkling wine can go pretty well with chocolate as well as port. The citrus, nutty, and vanilla notes add a light flavor pairing to chocolate, especially those in my Core Collections Assortment. If you are not having a dinner party and just some light refreshments with wine and do not want to crack open a bottle of port wine and want something with a little less zest, chocolate can be an excellent addition to sparkling wine. A great sparkling wine addition to any chocolate event is Mumm's Burt Reserve₂.




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